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Finn Harries is such a handsome lad.  Also, I love his glasses!  

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Oh, how I wish we did have something going on…  *sigh*

I think about this quite often, actually, probably more than I should…

Uh-oh, the raccoons are plotting another dastardly deed!  

Uh-oh, the raccoons are plotting another dastardly deed!  

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A lovely lakeside gazebo in (what I believe to be) China.

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The Absinthe Drinkers Edvard Munch

A beautiful, serene work by the same man who created “The Scream.”

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untitled by niña parásito on Flickr.

Fog used to creep me out as a child, probably because I thought ghosts and spirits lurked within its murky, unseen depths.

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It’s incredible how a song can lift you up and make you feel so incredibly high and euphoric.  Whenever I’m feeling down, I simply play “1904” by Tallest Man on Earth and I instantly feel better.  

As a complete aside, I owe my knowledge of this song and its artist to Andrew Keenan-Bolger and the original Broadway cast of Newsies.  Andrew is a filmmaker as well, and in one of his many “chronicles,” he used this song as soundtrack.  Beautiful, and I always think of him whenever I play it.  



i want a video of all the tries it took to make this

i want a video of the second right after this shot was taken

This is the most incredible recreation of a piece of art I’ve ever seen.

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