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This is delightful.  That hugely talented star of stage and the small screen, Megan Hilty, channels Marilyn Monroe in this terrific ditty from the nixed NBC series Smash.  


when someone stops talking to you and youre not sure what you did wrong


I have never felt a stronger connection with a broken chair…

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"With its heartache, with its sorrow, winter wind sings and it cries…"

"Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind"

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In which Brett Dalton is like a puppy.

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The north and southbound lanes of FDR Drive along the East River.

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Truth be told, I don’t even skate, but this photo is so incredible that I simply had to reblog it!  That, and I’ve always associated skateboarding with summertime.  I mean, granted that, especially where I live, it’s an activity that pretty much takes place all year round, there’s just something so “summer-y” about it.  It conjures up images of Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

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Wherever this is, I could easily see myself taking a bath in that tub every morning!

Wherever this is, I could easily see myself taking a bath in that tub every morning!

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This might just be the strangest thing I’ve seen marked in The Great Gatsby… and everyone writes in that book.

The notes on the first page aren’t too illuminating.

I’m curious to know why there is an asterisk next to Gilda Gray in the purple ink annotations.  I wonder what footnote this particular reader made or was planning on making regarding her.

This is such a Los Angeles house…I could easily imagine seeing a house like this in the hills above Hollywood or West Hollywood.  

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Art By Leonid Tishkov

Some awesome, surreal, whimsical lunar-themed artwork by Leonid Tishkov.

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