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A three-quarters moon breaks through the clouds on a (what is presumably) a summer’s evening.  

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View of the Manhattan Bridge from a street in Brooklyn.  If you look closely, the Empire State Building can be seen in the distance.  

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I’m sharing this link with you, dear followers, because EVERYONE should watch The Outs.  It’s an incredible web series!


Giant reading lamp in Skopje.

I wish they sold reading lamps this big.  No reading lamp is ever big enough for the amount of late-night reading that I do!  

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Every time I see a photo or photos of New York, I’m filled with an incredible sense of longing and yearning.  I was born, raised, and live in Los Angeles, and I love it here, but I definitely feel a certain sense of belonging in New York.  Call me crazy, but I feel like I fit in over there.  Though I’m planning another trip there next spring or summer, the time can’t come quick enough!

The look of the character was established before. They picked my voice because they thought it went well with his look. […] He’s not like a skinny jean Disney prince. (x)

Perhaps now you can better understand my love for Jonathan Groff.

Can I please have a one-way ticket to wherever this is?  

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I don’t know why these accurate posts keep appearing on my dash as of late, but they sure as hell are consistent with how I’m feeling now.

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"how are you single?"



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I don’t know what film this is from, but I’m pretty sure that the young man in the center is me whenever I go to the cinema.